A Best Guide To Fix Scanpst.exe Outlook Errors

imagesIn this modern era everyone wants to do their works in few time for that they are using computer. In computer you can store a large number of files like, audio, video, data, and other documents without any lags. Microsoft outlook is one of the databases present in the computer which can stores all important and personal data in the form of PST files. These files are the personal storage table which are specially designed for MS Outlook to store several data like mails, contacts, messages, notes, task, journals and many other valuable data. Due to this reason MS Outlook is widely used by both professionals as well as an individual. People involved in personal work and business prefer to use MS Outlook to meet their emailing requirements. Many of them depends on Outlook not only for emailing but to keep track of contacts, organize, calenders and many more. Outlook stores every small bit of information in PST file. However, many times users faces issues of corruption in MS Outlook due to reasons like oversize PST, virus infection, power shortage, infrequent system shutdown or some other human issue. Microsoft has released so many versions such as 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, to overcome the issues of PST file corruption due to oversize PST file. But, still there are some problems that leads to damaged PST file and thus the data loss. In that case you will loss your personal data.


In MS outlook, when you are sending or receiving mail it will display some errors. There are some symptoms are given below related to outlook.

  • Email messages are never sent that they will remain in the Out-box folder.
  • Email messages are not immediately sent.
  • Errors are logged in the Synchronization Log messages in the Issues folder
  • Email messages are not displayed in the Inbox folder.
  • When you send email from other programs that time error occurs.
  • Errors occur when you send email during a mail merge.

How To Fix scanpst.exe outlook errors:

You can get error message while sending, receiving, inserting, or deleting an email in your MS outlook. These error message can interrupt into your PST files and you will not able to access in a proper way. However, many ties because of improper system shutdown, virus infection, over size of PST files, bad sector on hard disk, remove storage device in improper way, and so on, which can crash your files. There are many cause of this error message which are given below.

There are Some major Scanpst.exe Error which you generally face while accessing the Scanpst tool:-

  • Scanpst.exe are not found.
  • Scanpst fails with error 80040806.

Scanpst.exe fails with fatal error 80040818.

  • Scanpst.exe is in use by another program.
  • File is not modified.
  • Freezing of scanpst during repair.


  • When you will close outlook in improper way.
  • Sudden power gone and your system shut down.
  • Bad sector on your hard disk.
  • Virus attack or server failure.
  • Due to anti virus program installed in the system.
  • Over size of PST files.
  • Closing or terminating the Outlook software abnormally.
  • While sharing to another device your files may get affect by any virus.
  • Your memory card is formatted accidentally.
  • When you pull out your memory card in improper way from system.


Hence all the above discussion are showing that why your outlook files can be deleted or damage. Then no need to worry you can recover your files with the help of recovery tool. However, there is an easy solution to the PST file corruption issue, PST repair tool. PST repair software is among the most professional tools to repair Outlook PST file in an efficient manner. This software is an impeccable tool designed to deal with corruption issues in Outlook PST file and recover deleted as well as damaged emails of outlook. PST repair tool searches all lost unusable and inaccessible emails, recovers and restore them into a new PST files. You can save your restores files at desired location for future use. Using this software you can easily restore your all missing files and virus infected emails, tasks, journals, email properties images, drafts and other elements. This software provides various options, such as Find Message and Arrange By. Using these options you can recover and repair a particular message from the PST files. The tool also incorporates a step-by-step procedure to help user easily run the tool without any professional help.

Features Of PST Tool:

  • Helpful in repairing virus infected PST files.
  • Applies newest technique to repair damaged PST file.
  • Capable of repairing PST file with size over 2GB.
  • Recovers all mails, messages, journals, contacts etc.
  • Identifies and removes duplicate and junk mails
  • Enables marking duplicate emails as ‘Expired’
  • Facilitates copying or moving the duplicate mails to a different folder
  • Recovers lost or forgotten Outlook PST passwords
  • Splits large PST files into smaller Outlook importable PSTs
  • MS Outlook Support – 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002, and 2000